KOOLECO - 2 siliconen snackbakjes 100ml - Lime

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You still have not made a choice between the use of plastic, glass or silicone food storage
containers? Please let us help you in taking a decision.

  1. Traditional plastic containers are relatively safe to use at low temperature, however at higher temperatures they may release
    plasticiser endangering our health;
  2. Use of traditional glass containers is cumbersome. They are fragile and heavy and inconvenient to carry around. Its lid is
    usually made of a plastic that could releases plasticiser, which may cause health risks at high temperature


  1. The KOOLECO silicone food container is small, light and easy to carry. It comes with a specially designed lid that is both
    compression-resistant and shatter-resistant. It avoids liquid food spillage. Both lid and box are made of silicone with can
    withstand a wide range of temperatures from -40°C to +230°C. No harmful substances will be released when this silicone
    material is used at high temperature!
  2. You can cool KOOLECO food containers down in the fridge or freezer, heat them up in a microwave, hot water and even in the
  3. The silicone material we use is extracted from pure and natural silica, does not harm the environment, is safe, healthy,
    heatproof, and sterilisable. It is free of plasticiser, BPA, phtalates and heavy metals.

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